Restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee

From Southern fare to haute cuisine with literally everything in between, restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee will suit any taste. Here, a perfect barbecue (pork, mainly) is as celebrated as the most spectacular creation from any of the Nashville’s award-winning chefs. Whether it’s a family-friendly meal, business dinner and a show or a romantic date, restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee serve every dish with a side of Southern hospitality!

Diners in restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee are often casually dressed and enjoy lingering over meals. The city’s mix of politics, country music, conventions, many sports, family meetings and business means deal-making at every meal. Nashville’s restaurant scene has come a long way in 10 years, with an influx of different ethnic groups as well as transplants from both coasts. Nowadays restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee are a healthy mix of contemporary, ethnic, and experimental eateries, as well as classic Southern favorites.

Known for fantastic barbeque, restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee also specializes in New Southern and Southern Fusion, a blend of down-home family style cooking and uptown dining. Eclectic menus from newer ethnic eateries go with the equally eclectic music scene, stretching way beyond country and soul. In restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee red-eye gravy and homemade biscuits or turnip greens and cornbread, remain as easy to find as warm banana pudding for dessert. Casual dress will fit you in with most restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee, where the pace is rarely, if ever, hurried whether dining for business or pleasure.

One of the most known restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee is the Stock-Yard Restaurant. It’s recognized as one of the top ten steak houses in the United States. Their steaks are aged to the perfect tenderness and cooked to order over a hickory charcoal grill. Many say it’s one of the best restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee.

"Stock-Yard Restaurant Nashville"

With over 300 selections of wine from all over the world, most restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee are sure to match the perfect wine to even the most discriminating taste.

Southern comfort and hospitality are at the heart of every good meat and three in Music City. When it comes to serving up warm and delicious home-style cooking with piles of mashed potatoes, delicious turnip greens, cheese grits, hot rolls, cobblers, the most amazing pies and all things fried and decked in gravy, restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee really know how to do a meat and three. All across Nashville, guests and locals enjoy yummy, down-home delights as well as tasty sandwiches, wraps and salads at all of these popular restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee.

Restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee have both great food and an exciting atmosphere, and restaurants rarely manage to achieve both of those things at once! Nashvillians have turned eating out into a unique and interesting art form, and the result has been a boom in fine cuisine with a delicious emphasis on diversity.

Restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee offer a completely unique and modern take on universal, classic, home-made food and its personality shows from the staff to the tiniest decor. Restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee are also a great place to go with a group of newly met people because the food and drink are themselves conversation pieces. You’ll most definitely get a meal you’ll not forget that soon! Most restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee are packed even on Wednesday that should really tell you something – they are amazing! So don’t worry, get out and have a nice meal!

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