Nashville Tennessee Newspapers

Even when you are on vacation, you will likely want to stay current on the events that are occurring around the globe, as well as the events that are going on in the city you are visiting. While visiting Music City, grab a copy of one of the Nashville Tennessee newspapers to catch up on some current events.


The Tennessee Tribune

The Tennessee Tribune is perhaps the most highly regarded Nashville Tennessee newspapers. This newspaper not only supplies news for the city of Nashville, but for its surrounding areas, as well. Pick up a copy of this newspaper and you will catch the most current events, including local, national and global events, sports, lifestyle, education and politics. If you are considering relocating to the Nashville area, look through the paper’s classified section to find out information about jobs and real estate. For more information about this newspaper, visit

"The Tennessee Tribune"


The Tennessean

This Nashville Tennessee newspaper is another one of the top newspapers of the city. Offering insightful information and neutral points-of-view, the Tennessean provides information in the following areas: news, communities, sports, business, entertainment, life and opinions. You can find information regarding current political events, as well as information regarding the Nashville dating scene. Go to for interactive news or to gain more information.

"The Tennessean"


The City Paper

For the most current happenings in the city of Nashville, look to The City Paper. This Nashville Tennessee Newspaper focuses on all things Nashville; politics, current events, the economy and even news on the local entertainment. To learn more, go to

"The City Paper"


Nashville Business Journal

If you are a businessperson who is conducting business in the Nashville area, you will want to take a look through the Nashville Business Journal. This paper provides accurate and detailed information regarding the business that makes Nashville run. You will also find information about national and world news in this Nashville Tennessee newspaper. Visit for more information.

"Nashville Business Journal"


To stay up to date on the events of the capital of Nashville and the Country Music Capital of the World, as well as the events that are going on around the nation and around the world, read a copy of one of the leading Nashville Tennessee newspapers.

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